Marc Yen


Short Film // 2018
Art Direction, Film Direction.

EPHEMERE is a short documentary film about street art, going outside and inside, from graffiti to modern art. A dozen artist and one organizer contributed to give a great insight of this unforeseen world.
The film wouldn't have been made without the help of Simon Brun and HAYA was of great support as the producer.

This project went bigger when it gave birth to an event exhibition with five artists from the shooting. Maybe we'll release it on the Internet one day. For now, you are welcome to our projections.

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Ephemere poster Ephemere demo 1 Ephemere demo 2
Ephemere demo 3 Ephemere demo 6 Ephemere demo 4 Ephemere demo 7 Ephemere demo 5 Ephemere demo 8
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